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Michael Bennett

Director, Writer [Te Arawa]

Starring one cow and two elderly guitarists, Michael Bennett's first short film Cow was invited to screen at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. Since then he has written and/or directed a wide range of projects, from children's television (Kaitangata Twitch) to award-winning shows about Māori architecture (Whare Māori). His feature film work includes ensemble feature Matariki, and the script for Cliff Curtis comedy Jubilee

In my head, writing and directing are two words for the same thing. As a writer every scene I work on plays as a movie projected inside my head. As a director I love the power of the image, but the most beautiful and perfect image is just pretty candyfloss if it’s not serving the story and the development of the characters. Michael Bennett in an interview with the New Zealand Writers Guild, November 2010