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Hero image for Letter to Blanchy - The Sweet Smell of Success (First Episode)

Letter to Blanchy - The Sweet Smell of Success (First Episode)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1994

In the first episode of this 1990s small town comedy series, Derek (David McPhail) refuses to lose faith in Lady Success, a dud harness racer he and mates Barry (Jon Gadsby), Ray (Peter Rowley) and pen pal Blanchy own shares in. When Derek enters their horse in the Marpack Manure Spreaders Cup, Barry and Ray seek out Brucie (Alistair Douglas) a dubious ex-vet who provides the pair with a concoction that distracts the competition. Brucie's potion proves too effective and the race proves to be one to remember. Letter to Blanchy was created by McPhail and Gadsby and their frequent collaborator AK Grant.

She's not slow! She's just reticent...
– Derek (David McPhail) isn't giving up on his horse Lady Success

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