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Hero image for Loading Docs 2017 - He Kākano Ahau: From the Spaces in Between

Loading Docs 2017 - He Kākano Ahau: From the Spaces in Between

Web (Full Length) – 2017

Every year pride parades celebrate LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) culture and pride. But Wellington takatāpui (Māori LGBTI) activist, Kassie Hartendorp, feels alienated from the flamboyant festivity. "It’s glittery, it’s fun, it’s fabulous. It feels empty. I don’t really know what the point is sometimes, you know.” In this Loading Doc short documentary, Hartendorp talks about wanting pride celebrations to be more inclusive of takatāpui. She faces a dilemma when her takatāpui kapa haka group are invited to perform at the Wellington Pride Parade. 

Takatāpui once meant an intimate companion of the same sex. Nowadays it's used to mean Māori who have diverse genders and sexualities. I really enjoy the word because I think it brings me as Māori and brings me as queer together. I feel like it's a more whole identity of who I am.
– Kassie Hartendorp on being queer and Māori

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Pikihuia Haenga

Pikihuia Haenga

Cinematographer - studio footage

Generic Profile image for Jaimee Poipoi

Jaimee Poipoi


Generic Profile image for Kathleen Winter

Kathleen Winter

Director, Editor

Profile image for Jess Charlton

Jess Charlton

Cinematographer- Parade Footage

Generic Profile image for Antonis Voutsinos

Antonis Voutsinos


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Adam Joseph Browne


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