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The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls Film – 2009 Documentary Comedy

The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls

Film – 2009 Documentary Comedy

M Mature
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Part concept film, part biopic, part historical record and part comedy, Leanne Pooley’s documentary was made to mark the Topp Twins' 50th birthday. New Zealand's favourite comedic, country singing, dancing and yodeling lesbian twin sisters tell their personal story: from their "coming out" to Jools' brush with breast cancer. The film features archive material, home movies and interviews with the Topps' alter-egos. Alongside local box office success and dozens of international awards, Girls won the People’s Choice best doco gong at 2009 Toronto Film Festival.

The Topp Twins are New Zealand icons. They embody so much of what New Zealand has achieved in the last 30 years. They have walked along New Zealand as New Zealand grew up. Māori land rights. They were there. Feminism. They were there. 1981 Springbok Tour ... They were part of the anti-nuclear movement. The Twins have been part of New Zealand's history. So, in making a film about the Twins I've been given the chance to make a film about New Zealand.
– Director Leanne Pooley