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Loading Docs 2018 - Hear Me Out

Web (Full Length) – 2018

Mojo Mathers was New Zealand's first deaf MP, and faced considerable hurdles just doing her job. In this short documentary from the Loading Docs series, Mathers talks about her time as an MP and her desire to ensure deaf and disabled people can fully engage in democracy in Aotearoa. In 2017 Mathers drafted the Election Access Fund Bill, to provide a contestable fund for those with disabilities who wanted to run for Parliament. In May 2018, Mathers' Bill passed its first reading with unanimous support. Director Jason Boberg has direct experience of disability. 

We're put in a box, and what I want is that box to be broken open.
– Former Green MP Mojo Mathers on giving disabled people the same rights every New Zealander has

Key Cast & Crew

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Annie Hubbard

Editor, Co-Producer

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Jason Boberg


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Lucy Stonex


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Nia Phipps

Project Manager/Producer

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Brett Wilkie

Production Manager

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Jess Lockie

Line Producer

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Activate Film