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Hero image for Loading Docs 2021 - Only Human

Loading Docs 2021 - Only Human

Web (Full Length) – 2021

This animated Loading Doc delves into the turbulent relationship between an Auckland-based Filipino and her father in Manila. Mia Maramara (who also directed) tells of how she decided to block her dad, problematic poster Gus, on all social media platforms. Considering cutting ties for good, Mia talks to him online about their opposing perspectives. Gus defends his political and gender ideologies, but also opens up about how he could have been a better parent. Mia explores the effects of questionable comments made about her appearance — from both Gus and others — and changes in generational thinking. 

I wanted to make this film because I was tired, tired of fighting people on social media, tired of reading shitty headline after shitty headline, and most of all, tired of being trolled by my own father.
– Director and subject Mia Maramara on why she made Only Human, The NZ Herald, 31 August 2021

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Han Law

Han Law

Design and Animation

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Siew Wee H'ng

Art and Design Director

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William Kusuma

Design and Animation

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Gwen Lin


Generic Profile image for Mia Maramara

Mia Maramara

Director, Subject

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Kate Goodwin


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