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Wilbur: The King in the Ring

Film (Trailer) – 2017

Former pro wrestler Wilbur McDougall was battling addiction and self-imposed isolation before undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. For this serio-comic documentary, he let university mate J Ollie Lucks film his journey of transformation. McDougall needs a new wrestling persona — and the "happiness and self-acceptance that has eluded him for so long". Will his friendship with Lucks survive, as the filmmaker jumps at the story from the top rope? Lucks and Julia Parnell's feature began in 2015 as a short film for Loading Docs. The long version debuted at 2017's Doc Edge Festival.

...I can see my entire penis now, which is very exciting!
– Wilbur McDougall, after the gastric surgery

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Julia Parnell

Julia Parnell

Co-Director, Producer

Generic Profile image for Nicola Peeperkoorn

Nicola Peeperkoorn

Story Development, Producer

Profile image for Jan Oliver Lucks

Jan Oliver Lucks

Subject, Co-Director

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Bevan Crothers


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Greg Junovich

Sound Mix

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Nick Buckton

Sound Mix

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