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Hero image for Looking at New Zealand - Peter McIntyre

Looking at New Zealand - Peter McIntyre

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1969

I’ve always felt sorrow for those men you see at Taupo and such places, fishing in the rip at the Waitahanui, and their wives sitting knitting in the car, with the stony faces of women who are ‘waiting’.
– McIntyre on Taupo fly fishing’s take on Stepford Wives
I love these unpainted King Country places. There’s something about weathered unpainted wood that’s so ... so much more fascinating than a painted place.
– McIntyre on the nostalgia of decay
I think the New Zealand bush is one the easiest places to become contemplative. For a painter this sort of rehabilitation is necessary every so often. I don’t see how anyone can paint in the midst of the hurly burly of modern city life. Perhaps the young people can, perhaps that’s what produced pop art? They’re producing their own surroundings. If they’re surrounded by cans of beans let them paint cans of beans!
– McIntyre on pop art and the NZ bush