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Hero image for Looking at New Zealand - The Third Island

Looking at New Zealand - The Third Island

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1968

It’s unspeakably beautiful.
– A North American tourist
Wages are often higher than those of top business executives, but worries are few, and when the job’s done, more easily forgotten.
– The narration on the crayfish and cod industry
Oddly enough the tourists are returning to enjoy the very things that made the first settlers leave: isolation and unbroken country, that in the rest of New Zealand is increasingly hard to find.
– From the narration
The sea seems to be a dare: you have it on. It’s a nice free life. You can have bosses: bad weather you can have a holiday; fine weather and you work. And the harder you work the more money you get.
– Fisherman Max Skipper
The outsider’s frequent question of ‘What do you do down there?’ forgets that this is a way of life that accepts the natural resources of bush, sea and shore, where children can handle a dinghy as deftly as a bicycle.
– From the narration