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Twelve Māori artists — including a number of presenters from TV show Pūkana — dropped iTunes hit 'Maimoatia' in 2015. Assembed by the producers of Pūkana, the group consisted of Nathaniel Howe, Raniera Blake, Puawai Taiapa-Aporo, Pere and Awatea Wihongi, Hoeata Maxwell-Blake, Tawaroa Kawana, Meto Tagivale Schmidt-Peke, Katerama Pou, Te Awhina Kaiwai-Winikau, Mereana Teka and Makaira Berry. Originally known as Pūkana and Whānau, the group later renamed themselves Maimoa. They featured on TV's Voices of Our Future and Waiata Nation, and in 2020 released their debut album Rongmaiwhiti.