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Memories of Service 1 - Kenneth Johnstone

Web (Full Length) – 2015

In this Memories of Service interview, veteran Kenneth Johnstone shares his stories of being in the Navy during the Korean War. He talks briefly about his time spent chasing Russian submarines around the Mediterranean before heading to the war. There he was shot at by North Korean forces and knew numerous casualties. In total he spent eight years in the Navy, working as a stoker in the engine room. He shares his medals from the war and talks about life after it ended, particularly about being hailed as a hero by South Korean visitors.

One day I asked a chap "where are you from?" I had an idea and he said "I'm from South Korea". I said "Oh I was in the Korean War" and he said to me "You're a hero!" and I had to have my photo taken with him. All that sort of thing - it makes you feel good.
– Ken Johnstone on meeting tourists at the Auckland War Memorial Museum

Key Cast & Crew

David Blyth

Director, Interviewer

Patricia Stroud

Producer, Research

Jed Town


Simon Schueller

Camera, Sound

Edward Larsen


Produced by

ILA Film Productions


David Blyth

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