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Memories of Service 3 - Vince Pierson

Web (Full Length) – 2016

When Vince Pierson’s old comrades tried to track him down, years after the Korean War, they couldn’t find him. Pierson had taken another surname when he joined up, to disguise the fact that at 19, he was underage. As a gunner attached to HQ, he was with the New Zealand artillery supporting Australian and Canadian infantry at the Battle of Kapyong. Pierson belies his 85 years with sharp recall and vivid stories of people and places. He shows as much empathy for the Koreans as for his comrades, while describing battling intense cold and stifling heat — and the other side.

It wasn’t a very nice place at different times, Korea; it was ferocious when the Chinese came in. It turned the tables on the Americans.
– Vince Pierson

Key Cast & Crew

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Xavier Quilambaqui

Sound, Camera

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David Blyth


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Phil Wallington

Interviewer, Director

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Patricia Stroud

Producer, Research

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Jed Town


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Edward Larsen


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ILA Film Productions


David Blyth