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Memories of Service 3 - Wayne Chester

Web (Full Length) – 2016

Like many young New Zealand males during the late 1960s, Wayne Chester joined the army and headed overseas to fight in Vietnam. As a machine gunner he patrolled the jungles outside of Saigon and saw combat, facing the Viet Cong on several occasions. He recounts his experiences in the jungle, along with some close encounters with wildlife, and the altercations and laughs shared with the American contingent. He also discusses his admiration for the Vietnamese people and the Viet Cong, and the long-term physical and political effects of agent orange.

... I actually like the Vietnamese people. I admired them. I admired the Viet Cong. I mean who the hell would go and live in a hole for 15 years living on dried fish and rice for a cause? You gotta admire them. But if they were gonna shoot at you, you'd shoot them first.
– Wayne Chester

Key Cast & Crew

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Stephen Latty

Sound, Camera

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David Blyth

Producer, Director, Interviewer

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Patricia Stroud

Producer, Research

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Jed Town


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Edward Larsen


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