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Memories of Service 5 - Ron Cross

Web (Full Length) – 2017

Ron Cross is a military man through and through. A proud soldier, he feels lucky to have had the experiences that shaped his life. Joining up as a regular Army Cadet, Ron served in both the Malayan conflict and the Vietnam War. From the comedy of preparing for jungle warfare in snow-covered hills around Tekapo, to the tension of being fired on at close range on the roads of Vietnam, Ron’s vivid recollections are captivating. His one regret: that the lesson of how not to have wars has yet to be learned.

If you’re going to be in infantry, blood and guts is your business and you’ve got to get used to it.
– Ron Cross

Key Cast & Crew

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Stephen Latty

Sound, Camera

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David Blyth

Interviewer, Producer, Director

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Patricia Stroud

Producer, Research

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Edward Larsen


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Jed Town


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ILA Film Productions


David Blyth