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Miles Turns 21

Television (Full Length) – 1990

This documentary tracks severely disabled Miles Roelants from his 21st birthday through a year that culminates in him meeting his hero, actor Michael J Fox, in Los Angeles. Roelants was born with spina bifida and his own interviews with his parents and siblings candidly confront the challenges faced by families with a disabled child. Also featured is Shelly West (real name Michelle Belesarius) who is blind with rheumatoid arthritis; despite that she is planning a trip to Italy. Miles Turns 21 was the first of a series of documentaries featuring the pair.

I’ve just come to realise that I’ve got this great big thing in front of me called life.
– Miles Roelants

Key Cast & Crew

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Julienne Stretton

Producer, Director

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Colleen Hodge


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Matthew Brown


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Stuart Baker

Sound Editor

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John Gilbert


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Myk Farmer


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Produced by

  • Partnership Productions

  • Miranda Productions


Thanks To: The Roelants Family, the West Family, Sutherland Unit, U.S.I.S, Michael J. Fox