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Moa's Ark : Building the Ark

Television (Full Length) – 1990

‘Moa's Ark' set sail 80 million years ago. David Bellamy becomes an ancient mariner and retraces the voyage of the islands of New Zealand (using contemporary science as his guide). In this first episode he finds out why New Zealand is called the Shaky Isles, gets face to face with the "living fossil" the tuatara, is inspired by meat pies, and discovers geography as he competes in the annual Coast to Coast race over the Southern Alps — with directional and gorse eradication aid coming from legendary race organiser Robin Judkins.

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Peter Hayden

Peter Hayden

Producer, Director

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Neville Copland


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Ken Gorrie


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Brian Shennan

Sound Mix

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David Bellamy


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Michael Stedman

Executive Producer

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