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My Kainga My Castle Television (Full Length) – 2000 Documentary Arts/Culture

My Kainga My Castle

Television (Full Length) – 2000 Documentary Arts/Culture

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Like Ōhinemutu, Whakarewarewa is another fortress that takes good advantage of its location. There's nothing like keeping those power bills down with natural central heating and a natural pressure cooker.
– Sir Howard Morrison on thermal activity in Rotorua
The legends of King Arthur are recorded in books like this, but to me, this meeting house [Tama-te-kapua] is my book — you just have to know how to read it.
– Sir Howard Morrison describes the inside of Tama-te-kapua meeting house at Ōhinemutu
When I was a boy, I loved the myths and legends of King Arthur and the knights in shining armour; the challenges, the battles and the castles.... well, I’ve got a castle and I’ve got some good stories too. This is my castle, Ōhinemutu Pā.
– Sir Howard Morrison