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Hero image for New Zealand Mirror No. 14

New Zealand Mirror No. 14

Short Film (Full Length) – 1952

This magazine newsreel mixes buried treasure with a classic Brian Brake-shot performance piece. Opener 'The Long Poi' captures a poi dance. In 'The Buried Village' tourists examine fireballs and Māori stone carvings buried in the 1886 Tarawera eruption. The final piece showcases the talents of Kiwi pianist Richard Farrell and director Brian Brake. Brake's moody studio lighting and lively compositions frame this performance of a Chopin waltz. Farrell would die after a car accident in the United Kingdom in 1958 — the same month Brake won his first big spread in Life magazine. 

... there are few Māori girls who can perform a poi as difficult as the one you see here, being staged for tourists in the reproduction of an old-time village at Rotorua.
– Narrator

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Brian Brake

Brian Brake

Director, Camera

Profile image for Michael Forlong

Michael Forlong

Director, Editor

Profile image for Ron Skelley

Ron Skelley

Extra, Sound

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Bruce Weir


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Alan Whittle


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John Carson Parker


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'New Zealand Pianist Richard Farrell - Chopin Valse'
Brian Brake - Director
Allan Whittle - Camera
'The Buried Village'
Michael Forlong - Director
John Hutchinson - Camera
Margaret McGregor - Editor
Bruce Weir - Narrator
'Maori Dances - The Long Poi'
Michael Forlong - Director, Editor
John Hutchinson - Camera
John Carson Parker - Narrator


Richard Farrell plays the Chopin Valse
Poi performed to the tune Me He Manu Rere