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Hero image for Children of Fire Mountain - Tom (First Episode)

Children of Fire Mountain - Tom (First Episode)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1979

This Feltex award-winning kidult series is set in the colonial town of Wainamu in 1900, amidst the North Island’s ‘thermal wonderland’. It follows the challenges that Sir Charles Pemberton (Terence Cooper) faces in building a spa on Māori land. In this first episode, local lad Tom, son of the hotelier, is irritated by the arrival of Sir Charles and his aristocratic entourage (particularly granddaughter Sarah Jane, also known as “Little Miss Prim”). Their train is late after being spooked by natives. Tom's gang of shanghai-toting scallywags also take on the mean local butcher.

What I have I done to deserve all this — I’ve had better days at school!
– Tom (Paul Airey) reflects on the annoying new English visitors

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