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Hero image for Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 08, Pontoon (Episode Eight)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 08, Pontoon (Episode Eight)

Web (Full Length Episode) – 2014

In this episode, Nia (Shania Gilmour) spends a day in the sun with her friend Hazel (Jessica Woollam). As the girls' imaginations and the show's distinctive animation run wild, the pair have adventures in New York, Sydney and Paris, and star in their own explosive action movie. But things turn cloudy when Hazel reluctantly reveals that she has to move back to Australia, leaving Nia to deal with the thought of losing her best friend. Nia's Extra Ordinary Life uses a diary format to help take us inside Nia's head.

What do you get when you put bugs and bees on a rugby ball? A bugby ball!
– Nia

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Kerry Warkia

Kerry Warkia

Producer, Writer

Profile image for Kiel McNaughton

Kiel McNaughton

Writer, Director

Generic Profile image for Jessica Woollam

Jessica Woollam

As: Hazel

Profile image for Shania Gilmour

Shania Gilmour

As: Nia

Generic Profile image for Thomas Sutcliffe

Thomas Sutcliffe

Art Director

Profile image for Johnny Barker

Johnny Barker


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