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Ready to Roll - Nice One Stu excerpts Television (Excerpts) – 1975 Children

Ready to Roll - Nice One Stu excerpts

Television (Excerpts) – 1975 Children

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The clips are actually from Ready to Roll which preceeded Nice, how unPC we were able to be back then!!!



Rex 19 Jun 2014 - 07.24pm

Hi Bruce,
Sorry, we aren't able to offer this title's theme song/music for download. It's not permitted under the licensed rights for this title, and the NZ On Screen website does not offer downloading.

5 Aug 2013 - 12.05pm

Can you please put up the theme song and music for us to down load?

Bruce Richards

Bruce Richards 5 Aug 2013 - 02.14am

omg loved this when i was young we all watch stu ... hahahahaha, awesome memories

gale pao toleafoa

gale pao toleafoa 8 Feb 2013 - 10.50pm

Great memories ........

Mervyn hunt

Mervyn hunt 25 Nov 2012 - 09.47pm

Hey Chevy Levy, in the late 1990s I lived in Upper Hutt and you could hire costumes from the TVNZ props department that was housed in a big warehouse somewhere in Naenae I think. It was an amazing place just to wander around.Anyway, there was a yellow chopper in amomst all the clutter.I asked the man if it was "Nice One Stu's" and he confirmed it was. I told him it should be in Te Papa.Not sure where it will be now but TVNZ should have a little museum.


Nathan 11 Jul 2012 - 12.58pm

awesome, I have so many memories, I was only 10 back then...


Cherisse 14 Sep 2011 - 01.31pm

stu use to read out fan mail and honk his bike horn, then the short 'nice one stuy' song would play in the background. also where his chopper bike?

chevy levy

chevy levy 27 Jan 2011 - 11.52pm

Would love to see the opening for the programme

Bruce Richards

Bruce Richards 9 Apr 2010 - 10.20am

It would have been good to see his characteristic "Nice one Stu" thumbs up. That was a catch phrase for ages.

Pam McKirdy

Pam McKirdy 24 Oct 2008 - 07.56pm

Crikey, a bit racy for a Children's show, what was he toking smoking on that bench I wonder?

eru brown

eru brown 23 Oct 2008 - 05.06am

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