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Hero image for Night Sky - 10 Years of Night Sky

Night Sky - 10 Years of Night Sky

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1973

By 1973, Night Sky had been a familiar presence on New Zealand screens for 10 years; with astronomer Peter Read a knowledgeable, no-nonsense interpreter of developments in the space race and the stars. In this episode, Read reflects on the show’s first decade, from its first outing in June 1963 (when it was briefly called The Sky This Month). Read revisits highlights including the total solar eclipse in 1965, interviews with visiting astronauts, the first moon landing in 1969, and a visit to the United States to witness the launch of Apollo 15.

Soon you’re going to hear what 160 million horsepower sounds like as “The Bird” sings or rather bellows or rather thunders, as “The Bird” shakes the very air and trembles the ground under our feet. When that happens, I won’t be able to talk to you, you won’t be able to hear me.
– Peter Read at the launch of Apollo 15

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