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Film (Trailer) – 2022

Once compassion's left the building believe me, it ain't coming back.
– Summer (Marshall Napier) makes a grim observation
Receding, like your hairline.
– Kellan (Josh McKenzie) on how his pacifism is going amidst the heat of a gun battle
It really was a community film project. We had many people who volunteered their skills for free because they believed in the project, and that’s really quite humbling. I don’t think the film could have been made without the support from the community.
– Aaron Falvey on directing his debut feature, The Marlborough Express, 16 May 2022
It’s one thing having a good script, but if you don’t have actors and crew who can carry it, and perform it, then it’s not worth it.
– Director Aaron Falvey praises Northspur's cast and crew, The Marlborough Express, 16 May 2022
Falvey said the film was a five-year project, which included two years of planning, roughly a month of shooting, and a further two-and-a-half years post-production and editing.
– Journalist Andy Brew quotes director Aaron Falvey, The Marlborough Express, 16 May 2022
[I’d take] any excuse to get back to the area. There’s a type of light that I think you only really get in that part of the world, that made the early rises and late nights all worth it. Thankfully, we were shooting at beautiful locations, so it felt like I was always exploring the area. And the people. Working with a lot of locals, some of which were volunteering. The community mentality of the area was really inspiring.
– Actor Josh McKenzie on the beauty of Marlborough where Northspur was shot, Marlborough Express, 16 May 2022