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Not Set in Stone Film (Full Length) – 2014 Drama Mockumentary Comedy

Not Set in Stone

Film (Full Length) – 2014 Drama Mockumentary Comedy

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In 2013 actor/director Peter Tait invited a team of actors to an Auckland bar to perform a read-through of a script, involving strange aquatic substances and opportunistic robbers. His plan: a film within a film where thespians and real-life bar owners play versions of themselves. At its heart, Not Set in Stone celebrates the actors — their talent, willingness to send themselves up, and generosity towards low budget projects like this one. The in-jokes include screen veteran Greg Johnson as a wannabe actor, and a final curtain cameo by Jacinda Ardern and Oscar Kightley.

I have saved enough money to pay actors $50 each. I would like to pay them a little more. There’s 12 of them. The aim is to shoot most of a feature in one day in a Grey Lynn bar called Friedas, on August 18th.
– Director Peter Tait, on the Pledge Me fundraising page for Not Set in Stone, August 2013

Produced by

Peter Tait


Peter Tait


Features songs by Chris Knox, The Nothing, Toy Love, Headless Chickens, Chris Matthews, Angie Hart, Billy Kristian, Schelmish and The Newmatics