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NZ On Air 30th Birthday - 7 Days

Web (Full Length) – 2019 2009 there were enough comedians that you could realistically put a show like this on...
– Former 7 Days executive producer Jon Bridges
7 Days reflects New Zealand culture rather than sets any new culture, if you like. I think the language used and the way we tease each other as a sign of respect — at least that's what I hope it is — I think all of those things are essentially Kiwi, and that's why people like to watch it.
– 7 Days presenter Jeremy Corbett on Kiwi culture and 7 Days
It's put comedians on TV, which then encourages comedians to get into the industry, which then makes a strong, live comedy scene, which then makes 7 Days stronger, which puts comedians into peoples' that's the happy circle which has been the case overseas for a long time, but had never been the case here before.
– Former 7 Days executive producer Jon Bridges on how 7 Days both benefits from, and encourages Kiwi comic talent