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Oddly Even - Series One

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2018

Liv (Beth Alexander) is keen to start her own food business. Then her sister Frankie (Lucy Suttor) crashes into her life and demands a room. Across eight episodes of this comical web series, the two battle over personality differences and the family home. Frankie fakes a wedding to score drinks; Liv endures a series of embarrassing incidents while trying to win a major contract, meets an unusual pop star and learns surprising news about her boyfriend. Oddly Even won a TVNZ competition aimed at finding new screen talent, from 163 entries. The crew and many of the cast were under 25.

You never want to hang out with me.
– Frankie (Lucy Suttor) to her sister Liv (Beth Alexander)

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Isla Mcleod

Isla Mcleod

Creator, Director, Writer, Storyliner

Generic Profile image for Beth Alexander

Beth Alexander

As: Liv Hart

Generic Profile image for Ashleigh Reid

Ashleigh Reid

Creator, Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Producer, Storyliner

Generic Profile image for Doug Brooks

Doug Brooks

As: Doug

Generic Profile image for Saraid Cameron

Saraid Cameron

As: Eddie

Generic Profile image for Sally Brady

Sally Brady

As: Phoebe

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Cinnamon Thieves


Cinnamon Thieves