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Old Money - Hudson, Sargood, Hallenstein, Hannah, Shacklock

Television (Full Length) – 1999

Bill Ralston examines more family business empires in part two of Old Money. With varying mixes of vision, hard work and eccentricity, the Hudsons (biscuits), Sargoods (merchants), Hallensteins (clothing), Hannahs (shoes) and Shacklocks (ironmongers) made fortunes that gave their families grand houses and gracious lifestyles. Some of the brands have survived and their legacies include 65,000 items gifted to Otago museum by the Hallensteins and Downstage’s theatre endowed by Hannah money. (Robert Hannah was the maternal great-grandfather of director Jane Campion.)

While the family businesses have gone, the institutions they endowed, the buildings they gifted remain, as do some fine old houses and a bunch of itinerant Italian statues.
– Bill Ralston

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