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One of those Blighters

Television (Full Length) – 1982

One of those Blighters began life as a documentary on Taranaki novelist Ronald Hugh Morrieson, but after interviews with many who knew him, it transformed into a semi-fictionalised tale of Morrieson’s mates reminiscing about his departure, interwoven with highlights from his tales of drunkards and con artists. The dramatisations draw from his four novels — all became movies — plus a posthumously published short story. Amidst a cast that's high on carousing Kiwi acting legends, fellow multi-talented muso Bruno Lawrence plays Morrieson.

He couldn’t talk the local booksellers into stocking his books... All the time when he was a kid he was surrounded by books.The one thing he wanted was books on a library shelf, to show he was a real writer.
– Les Fenner (Martyn Sanderson) on Morrieson

Produced by

Pallet Productions


Produced by Pallet Productions in association with Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand, QEII Arts Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission.


Music by Peter Woods.