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Orphans & Kingdoms Film (Trailer) – 2014 Drama

Orphans & Kingdoms

Film (Trailer) – 2014 Drama

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Described by writer/director Paolo Rotondo as a “drama about how adults need kids as much as kids need adults”, Orphans & Kingdoms follows three teens on the run, who break into a holiday home to hide out. Then the owner (Colin Moy, who played the brother of the main character in In My Father’s Den) arrives home, followed by the police. Shot on Waiheke Island, the low-budget Escalator film had a sell-out world premiere at the 2014 Auckland Film Festival, before winning a Moa award for best editing. Best known as an actor, Rotondo won awards for writing short film Dead Letters.

I lived on Waiheke Island for 10 years … I was blown away by the massive disparity between people’s wealth and lifestyles that is even more pronounced on the island and I wondered about those kids who weren’t as lucky as mine.
– Paolo Rotondo on website Darren's World of Entertainment, 15 July 2014

Produced by

  • FB Films

  • MakeYourMark


FB Films


Released in New Zealand cinemas on 14 April 2016

World premiere 20 July 2014 at the Auckland International Film Festival, at the SkyCity Theatre

Available to buy and rent from NZ Film On Demand