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Park Rangers - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2002

This Touchdown series profiles the working lives of rangers who work for the Department of Conservation and Ministry of Fisheries, whose office is "the great New Zealand outdoors". This opening episode meets three rangers looking after threatened taonga: Al Hutt is a sea shepherd to Akaroa's Hector's dolphins; lizard hunter Keri Neilson rescues a chevron skink on Great Barrier Island; and Steve Sawyer defends dotterel nests from cats, hedgehogs, stoats and boy racers on the Wherowhero Lagoon beach (near Gisborne). The series screened on TV One in early 2002. 

A chevron skink bite means a skink in the hand, and that's all good.
– Ranger Keri Neilson does a cost/benefit analysis of a skink bite

Key Cast & Crew

Simon Franks


Bernadine Lim


Mark Everton


Jodi Ashman


Darryl McEwen

Executive Producer

Anthony Nevison

Sound Recordist

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Produced by

Touchdown Productions


Eyeworks New Zealand

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