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The Chair - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2002

The concept behind this game show is that contenders can't hide their nerves. They're wired up to a heart-rate monitor and given a "redline rate" that is 70% above their resting heart rate. If their heartrate goes over the line the contestant starts losing money and can't answer questions until their heart slows down again. Hosted by ex-rugby and league player Matthew Ridge, The Chair was a big-budget, big-event format that was made first in New Zealand and proved a significant export success for Touchdown (now Warner Bros.) selling to 29 territories.

In which movie did Russell Crowe play a gay plumber?
– A question in the show

Key Cast & Crew

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Rob McLaughlin


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Julie Christie


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Darryl McEwen


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Matthew Ridge


Produced by

Touchdown Productions