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Hero image for Passionless Moments

Passionless Moments

Short Film (Full Length) – 1983

The beans will explode in 20 seconds unless they can be rushed into the nitro-glycerine immune area inside his mother’s kitchen ... will he make it?
– From the narration
We got our friend, Veronika, to go to the front desk, and, in a bad European accent, ask 'Can you show me ze feelm Moments in Life or somezeenk?' When they opened the safe, she grabbed the film and hightailed it. It was the only way we could get it back.
– Gerard Lee on saving the film, after it was confiscated by the head of AFTRS, for being made without authorisation.
This was made with a friend, Gerard Lee. We wanted to make a film that appreciated the small, the ordinary and the overlooked. It explores those private, quirky [and yet somehow universal] thoughts and experiences, and documents a much neglected aspect of the human condition, known to psychologists as passionless moments.
– Jane Campion