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Hero image for Pictorial Parade No. 129 - Twenty One Years

Pictorial Parade No. 129 - Twenty One Years

Short Film (Full Length) – 1962

In every way the future of the South Pacific seems to be part of the future of South-east Asia.
– From the narration
Peter Snell’s standing in international sport is perhaps a symbol of New Zealand’s international standing in this year of 1962.
– From the narration
In war there are only losers.
– From the narration, on the Korean War
New land was opened up. Over the scrub country moved the crashers, smashing down useless growth. We’d discovered a way of making fertile the wastelands of the North Island’s central plateau.
– From a time with a more hopeful relationship to industrial chemicals
Troops were leaving New Zealand for the second time in less than 30 years. It wasn’t much of a way to usher in the new decade and welcome the completion of our first century. But they went gaily enough these soldiers of the first echelon, and Film Unit cameramen went with them.
– From the narration, on 1941