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Wi' a Hundred Pipers

Television (Full Length) – 1985

Every year pipe bands from around the country gather to perform at the New Zealand Pipe Band Championships. This edition took place in Christchurch over three days in March 1985, with bands from around the country testing their abilities. Supreme champs Wellington showcase their musicality, the local Scottish Society display expert staff flourishing, and all the bands perform together in the massed finale. The special was directed and produced by Brent Hansen, who would go on to become the Creative President and Editor-in-Chief of MTV International.

...and finally the two most popular events for the public. Firstly this year's staff flourishing champion, followed by the massed bands...
– On screen description of the upcoming excitement

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Brent Hansen

Brent Hansen

Director, Producer

Generic Profile image for Don Megget

Don Megget

Vision Controller

Generic Profile image for Pat Coomber

Pat Coomber

Vision Controller

Generic Profile image for Fred Gear

Fred Gear

Vision Controller

Generic Profile image for Diane Burgess

Diane Burgess

Videotape Operator

Generic Profile image for Chris Wall

Chris Wall

Videotape Operator

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