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Radio with Pictures - Billy Idol Television (Excerpts) – 1984 Music

Radio with Pictures - Billy Idol

Television (Excerpts) – 1984 Music

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In April 1984 Billy Idol visited New Zealand to promote his second (and most successful) solo album Rebel Yell. Interviewed by Radio with Pictures legend Karyn Hay, he answers her call for a closing rebel yell, talks about the origins of his name and early hit 'White Wedding'; argues he appeals to the intelligence of his audience; criticises racism towards the United States, a country full of "ordinary people who struggle everyday"; and argues that confidence and "a pretty heavy attitude" are key to survival in a music industry that is more concerned with money than art.  

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Hate Reagan ... hate politics, but don't hate ordinary people just because of their nationality, their colour, their race or their creed. It's a waste of time. Punk rock was about getting rid of all that, it wanted to stop all that rock star nonsense, nonsense which our world don't need any more.
– Billy Idol, on negative attitudes to the United States