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Pressure Man

The Feelers , Music Video – 1998

from the album Supersystem (1998)

The first single off mutli-platinum 1998 album Supersystem helped bring Christchurch rockers The Feelers to a wide audience. For the video, director Joe Lonie has been given the resources to pull out all the stops — maintaining momentum with constant motion and cutting, while underlining the pressure motif by having the band performing in a boiler room, and claustrophobically running through a pipe. 'Pressure Man' was nominated for Best Video at the 1998 New Zealand Music Awards. Lonie had first begun making music videos while playing bass for Supergroove. 

The Feelers’ first single had booming drums that were trimmed and boosted to the point that they almost sounded programmed, while the guitars were layered and fed through various effects pedals to fill every space.
– Writer Gareth Shute on this song, AudioCulture website, 1 August 2013