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Hero image for Radio with Pictures - The Topp Twins in Sydney

Radio with Pictures - The Topp Twins in Sydney

Television (Full Length) – 1986

There may be no Camp Leader or Camp Mother, and no Ken and Ken, although the Gingham Sisters make an early appearance. But in this Radio With Pictures report on their 1986 Australian tour, Lynda and Jools Topp are still untouchable girls — whether spoon tapping, guitar strumming, paying tribute to Aussie country singer Slim Dusty or "freaking out" over the issues of the day...from Prime Minister David Lange’s nuclear-free stance, to the Springbok Tour and Bastion Point. This segment features concert footage alongside interviews with the mullet-sporting pair and some of their Aussie fans. 

Well i think in general in Australia at the moment there's a keen interest in New Zealand. I think it started with the Springboks and with David Lange, and the anti-nuclear stuff has made a lot of Australians think about New Zealand and what goes on there . . . They’re very warm and vital on stage. And I like to hear a bit of politics with music, and laughter rather than a lot of serious dogmatism.
– An Australian concertgoer


'Any Minute Now' and 'Lotta Trouble' both written & performed by the Topp Twins

'Ngā Iwi E' written by Hirini Melbourne, performed by the Topp Twins

'When the Rain Tumbles Down in July' written by Slim Dusty, performed by the Topp Twins