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Robert Muldoon: The Grim Face of Power - Part Two

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1994

In the second part of this controversial, no-holds-barred portrait, Neil Roberts And Louise Callan look at Robert Muldoon’s tenure as Prime Minister — and claim that his best days were behind him before he took power. They examine Muldoon’s brutally divisive leadership style, which saw him at odds with officials, ministers, unions, the media and social groups that opposed him. The tumultuous events of 1984 that resulted from Muldoon’s desperate attempts to cling to power — calling a snap election and all but refusing to leave office after his defeat — are explored in depth.

They won’t put up a statue to me. No, no, no. Nobody’s got that sense of humour
– Sir Robert Muldoon

Key Cast & Crew

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Glen Molesworth


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Louise Callan

Co-Writer , Co-Producer , Research, Co-Director

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Neil Roberts

Writer, Director, Producer

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Tim Pattinson

Sound Mix

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Martin Gresley

Sound Mix

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Jean-Louis Lods


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