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Tagata Pasifika - Indigenous People

Television (Full Length) – 1993

This special episode of Tagata Pasifika introduces Pacific Islanders living in a Māori world. Director/reporter Iulia Leilua celebrates the mingling of Polynesian cultures in Aotearoa, through similarities (language, spirituality, land, extended family) and differences (clothes, food). Among those interviewed are Samoan Beau Rasmussen, who married Moana on the East Coast; Niuean Toa Luka, who married a Māori woman from Northland; and Tongan/Māori lawyer Kahungunu Barron-Afeaki, who married actor Whetu Fala. Fala grew up in Whanganui, with a Samoan father and Māori mother.

The similarities between Polynesian cultures often outweigh the differences.
– Reporter Iulia Leilua

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Foufou Susana Hukui

Foufou Susana Hukui

Executive Producer

Generic Profile image for Whetū Fala

Whetū Fala


Profile image for Stephen Stehlin

Stephen Stehlin


Generic Profile image for Elaine Parker

Elaine Parker

Production Manager

Generic Profile image for Michael Willetts

Michael Willetts


Generic Profile image for Iulia Leilua

Iulia Leilua

Director, Presenter

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