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Tales of Time - Tama Uli

Web (Excerpts) – 2017

In excerpts from this Tales of Time documentary, Oscar Kightley investigates an uncomfortable chapter in Samoa's history  one with deep ties to his own family. In the late 19th century, German plantation owners actively 'recruited' labour from the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. Men and women became indentured workers in Australia and Samoa, with next to no rights. 'Tama Uli' ("black people") worked under New Zealand rule too, enduring harsh conditions. Their descendants face a fight to stay in the Samoan villages they were born in. Tama Uli was made for website The Coconet TV. 

I am happy...a black man interview a black man.
– 'Tama Uli' descendant Nanai Liu Tokuma welcomes Oscar Kightley as one of his tribe

Key Cast & Crew

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Oscar Kightley


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Lisa Taouma


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Tuki Laumea

Director, Editor, Camera Operator

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Wilhelm Voigt

Sound Recordist

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Hayden Aull

Sound Recordist, Camera Operator

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