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Chinks, Coconuts and Curry-munchers

Television (Full Length) – 2002

This 2002 documentary explores contemporary Aotearoa from the perspective of Kiwis from a range of different (non-Māori, non-Pākehā) ethnic backgrounds. These citizens speak frankly about their experience of assimilation and stereotyping in a supposedly multicultural society, where ethnic food is beloved — but not ethnic difference — and where jokes and racism blur. Directed by Libby Hakaraia, the documentary screened on TV3 as part of doco slot Inside New Zealand. It was a follow up to 2000's The Truth about Māori, which looked at identity from a Māori perspective.

Chinks, curry-munchers and coconuts. You know they're all words that I think most New Zealanders — most honest ones — would admit to having used at one stage.
– Oscar Kightley, one of those interviewed in the documentary

Key Cast & Crew

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Rhonda Kite


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Oscar Kightley


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Libby Hakaraia


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Tim Pattinson

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Soundtrack features 'It's On' by Nesian Mystic, and tracks from Dawn Raid album Str8 from the Streetz