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Taste Takes Off - Beijing

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2005

In her second series of culinary globetrotting, chef and author Peta Mathias visits Beijing to explore the food of Northern China. She finds a cuisine shaped by harsh winters and scorching summers — and influenced by Mongol invaders and centuries of imperial dynasties (but Mao’s heyday is only glimpsed in a theme restaurant run by an American). A night market offers delicacies including locusts, scorpions, cockroaches and silkworms, and Peta investigates Peking Duck, the ubiquitous dumplings and just a few of the ways that duck eggs can be preserved.

People around the world are still proud of their food traditions and they are thrilled to share it with someone. It's so important not to let go of your indigenous cooking traditions; lose them and you lose part of yourself.
– Peta Mathias (programme publicity)

Key Cast & Crew

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Chris Wright

Producer, Director

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Dana Youngman

Executive Producer

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Bevan Crothers

Sound, Camera Operator

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Nick Reid


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Peta Mathias


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