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Hero image for Te Ao Kapurangi (Warrior Woman)

Te Ao Kapurangi (Warrior Woman)

Short Film (Full Length) – 2001


This short film draws on a key incident in the life of Te Ao-kapurangi, a woman of mana for Te Arawa's people. In the late nineteenth century, Aotearoa was in the grip of a 'musket war'; firearms were having a devastating effect in tribal battles. Hongi, a Ngāpuhi chief, leads a well-armed assault on a rival Te Arawa tribe. Te Ao-kapurangi (Stephanie Grace) challenges Hongi and uses her wits, not a gun, to save her people. Invited to prestigious French festival Clermont-Ferrand, the film marked a rare drama directing credit for the late Tama Poata, writer of landmark Māori film Ngāti.

I don't know if we won or lost.
– Ngāpuhi chief Hongi (Lawrence Wharerau) realises he has been outmanoeuvred by Te-Ao-kapurangi

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Stephanie Grace

Stephanie Grace

As: Te Ao Kapurangi

Generic Profile image for Lawrence Wharerau

Lawrence Wharerau

As: Hongi

Profile image for Tama Poata

Tama Poata

Director, Writer

Generic Profile image for Robin Murphy

Robin Murphy

Producer, First Assistant Director

Generic Profile image for Ace Renata Welsh

Ace Renata Welsh

As: Dying Chief

Generic Profile image for Tama Kirikiri

Tama Kirikiri

As: Ngāpuhi Chief #2

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Produced by

Te Hokioi Films