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Hero image for Te Māori - A Celebration of the People and their Art

Te Māori - A Celebration of the People and their Art

Short Film (Full Length) – 1985

After kicking off with 'Poi-E' and the opening of landmark exhibition Te Māori in New York, this documentary sets out to summarise the key elements of Māori culture and history in a single hour. Narrator Don Selwyn ranges across past and (mid 80s) present: from early Māori settlement and moa-hunting, to the role of carvings in "telling countless stories". There are visits to Rotorua's Māori Arts and Crafts Institute and a Sonny Waru-led course aimed at getting youth in touch with their Māoritanga. The interviews include the late Napi Waaka and Sir James Hēnare. 


A face frozen in wood, protected now by museum walls, looks down on a changing culture in a changing world.
– Narrator Don Selwyn

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Thomas Horton

Thomas Horton

Producer, Writer

Profile image for Don Selwyn

Don Selwyn


Generic Profile image for Ann Horton

Ann Horton

Director, Editor, Associate Producer

Profile image for Napi Waaka

Napi Waaka


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Sonny Waru


Profile image for Doug Eckhoff

Doug Eckhoff

Executive Producer

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