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Hero image for The Adventures of Massey Ferguson - Ducks (Series One, Episode Six)

The Adventures of Massey Ferguson - Ducks (Series One, Episode Six)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2004

With character names befitting an episode of Country Calendar, there’s something distinctly Kiwi about this animated children's show. This episode sees Murray the farmer take his friendly tractor Massey Ferguson out to the swamp for duck-hunting season. But things go awry when Massey backfires, scaring the ducks away. Back at the farm, Massey and his farm vehicle friends have to solve the problem. The culprit 's apology leads to another opportunity for Kiwi flavour. The apology: “Sorry mate”.

We don’t want to preach at children, but underpinning all the episodes are values – hard work, pluck, determination, kindness, generosity. If the world was like Ferguson Farm we would have no problems at all. Mind you, Beaut th’ Ute is a problem – he loves looking at himself in the mirror, he’s vain and insecure. So we don’t totally ignore the real world!
– Jim Mora

Key Cast & Crew

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Jim Mora

Creator, Writer, Producer, Narrator, Actor

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Brent Chambers

Creator, Producer, Writer

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Bas Barriball


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Rose Woodman


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Amanda Forsman


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Jackie Clarke

As: various roles

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