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Hero image for The Big Art Trip - Series Two, Episode Five

The Big Art Trip - Series Two, Episode Five

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2002

What you’re hoping for is a line of inquiry that’s so engrossing you forget you’re making art. All you’re doing is making stuff and people call it art as it piles behind you.
– Dick Frizzell
You probably didn’t have enough mud play when you were a child.
– Potter Helen Mason hands an apron to Fiona McDonald
One image breeds another, that’s how you could put it. If it works, it suggests another one, immediately.
– Painter Gary Waldrom describes the momentum of his art
I always wanted to be the guitarist, the guy with the fringe that stood at the back, the Johnny Marr or whatever. I was always looking for my singer, like my Morrissey or somebody, but it never really happened … I got this band together and drew the short straw because nobody wanted to sing.
– Paul McLaney on discovering his talent for vocals