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The Blue Rose - Episode One Television (Excerpts) – 2013 Thriller Drama

The Blue Rose - Episode One

Television (Excerpts) – 2013 Thriller Drama

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In this 2013 murder mystery from writers Rachel Lang and James Griffin (Outrageous Fortune, Almighty Johnsons), Outrageous stars Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall are cast east to Auckland's CBD as a sleuthing odd couple. This opening 10 minutes of the TV3 series begins with a body floating in the Viaduct. Then temp Jane March (Prebble) finds more drama than stationary in her first day at a law firm: her predecessor — Rose — is dead rather than on holiday, and she meets Rose’s brassy best mate Linda (Marshall) when she barges in to collect Rose’s possessions.

Key Cast & Crew

Mark Beesley


Jay Saussey

As: Amy

James Trevena-Brown

As: Charlie

More than just entertaining, the writing here is efficient, quickly getting to know the main characters Jane and Linda (as well as lawyer Simon, played well, albeit subtly, by Matt Minto), while putting in the foundations for a great story as the season goes on. Director Mark Beesley has done a great job with the script, taking the implication in the writing and realising it as a taut thriller, full of suspense… The music is fantastic too, maintaining the suspenseful vibe, courtesy of former Supergroove singer Karl Steven
– Stuff reviewer Chris Philpott


Made with funding from NZ On Air


Music composed by Karl Steven

Trouble I’m In by M Williams
Performed by The Unfaithful Ways
Native Tongue Publishing