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The Evening Paper

Television (Full Length) – 1965

It was a routine Ernest and it filled up my life, and after-all, what else is there but a routine you enjoy?
– Edwina Branson (Eileen Teward)
I came here looking for a fresh start, a place to feel alive … I expected a lot from you, but you’re dug into the ground like moles. You could have had Paradise here, the Just City. But what have you done? You’re all dust and kapok!
– Visiting Englishman Philip Dalton (Peter Vere-Jones)
Bruce Mason not only received a vitriolic press but vitriolic private mail ... they felt that he was getting at New Zealand ... why should they watch television to see somebody criticising them?
– Actor Peter Vere-Jones on the teleplay’s reception
... disgustingly crude and an insult to the intelligence of New Zealand mothers and their daughters.
– Letter to the editor, The Evening Post, 1965