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Hero image for The Kids From O.W.L. - Series Two, Episode One

The Kids From O.W.L. - Series Two, Episode One

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1984

Armed with laser beam-firing crutches and computerised wheelchairs, 'The Kids' are a crime-fighting duo of physically-disabled teenagers working for O.W.L. (Organisation for World Liberty) to defeat the evil S.L.I.M.E. (Southern Latitude's International Movement for Evil!). Directed by Kim Gabara, this opener for the second series of the fondly-remembered show sees the kids foil a kidnap, enlist a new member, and steal a dangerous weapon: the 'Stickling Solidifier'. Neon alert: aficionados will note the early use of graphics from Apple 2 and Apple 3 computers.


Otto that is a million dollar computer. If you have an urge to play childish space war games, then please go to the hamburger bar and do it on a 20 cent machine.
– Captain Carlton Stickling to his off-sider Otto

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Kim Gabara

Kim Gabara

Producer, Director

Profile image for Grant Morris

Grant Morris


Generic Profile image for Alasdair Kincaid

Alasdair Kincaid

As: Cobra

Generic Profile image for Robert Colhoun

Robert Colhoun

As: Otto

Generic Profile image for Shane Brookfield

Shane Brookfield

As: Dave

Generic Profile image for Warwick McNeill

Warwick McNeill

As: Mike

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