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Triumph of the Human Spirit Television – 1996 Sport Documentary

Triumph of the Human Spirit

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Fronted by Paul Holmes, this doco looks at the New Zealand Paralympic team at the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta. It was the most successful team to date with a haul of nine gold medals, six silver and four bronze (and 44 personal bests). Triumph focuses on several disabled Kiwi athletes, from their arrival in the States to victory on the track, in the pool and on the field. The first Paralympics were held in Rome in 1960 with just 400 competitors. In Atlanta 3,500 athletes competed, 35 of them kiwis. Triumph broke ground screening in a primetime slot on TV One.


It’s great satisfaction. I mean its hard work along the way. You have to put in a lot of effort, a lot of hard work, and it’s paid off. Gold medal. World record. Can’t complain too much. Great feeling, great to have it.
– Peter Martin, shot put gold medallist